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One Seamless, Integrated Solution – Tailored to Government Needs

Asset management in the Government Sector comes with diffrent requirements and complex challenges, including consistently tight budgets for maintenance and repair, limited timeframes and bulk of data. The ability to project realistic, timely accessibility of spares, manpower, maintenance and allocation of budget better anticipate long-term needs, certainly would help managers obtain adequate and timely support for their asset management plans.

Government sectors are presented with challenges involving much more than bringing services to Stakeholders and maintaining stewardship over the nation’s collective assets. They must:

  • Change the way services are delivered, by providing in the most suitable way for their business users
  • Improve the quality of the services provided. Stake owners are demanding fast, reliable and competitive services.
  • Remain mission-ready
  • Innovative new business models
  • Manage multiple assets types and departments
  • Globalize the systems
  • Manage service providers
  • Reduce the operational cost

As a consequence, the government sector is undergoing important change and more than ever needs access to asset management expertise.

ZEO Info soft Enterprise Asset Management solution for various Public Sector Undertaking like Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Utilities, Manufacturing, Facilities Management provides a comprehensive answer for physical

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