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Information Management:

Information Management is the science of safe, secure and organised retention of data, media and documents such that information contained therein is retrievable "online" or physically whenever and wherever needed. Writer Information Management Facilities - a business division of Writer Company has been in operation since 1989.

We are India's major and most comprehensive Records Management Company and one of the fastest growing in Asia.Our capabilities span the entire lifecycle of your data with Enterprise Content Management services that includes Records Management, Data Tape Storing Services, Digitization Services and Data Governance solutions. This has helped us to serve the growing and evolving Information Management wants of over 2000 customers across India. We deliver these solutions on site and off site in our 28 Information.

Management hubs across 10 locations in India. We have created a capacity of more than 2 million square feet of storage space. Each of these services boast of the newest fire detection and protection systems ranging from humidity, temperature and dust control, 24/7 security, water hydrant and gas based suppression systems, CCTV surveillance etc.

Our services are purpose built to allow you to store and manage documents, servers, data tapes and also secure processing rooms to scan, index and process information. All our services are on a Wide Area Network (WAN) with built in Disaster Recovery redundancies (primary and secondary) to enable 'zero' downtime.

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