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Digitally empowered clients are greatly influencing the way retailer’s carry out their business and managing interactions with well-informed customers is the biggest challenge that every retailer is facing. To increase their revenues they will need to move closer to their customers by adopting Customer Centricity and redirect their advertising efforts to suit the customer’s needs and preferences. Zeo Info Soft’s CMO’s Workbench assumes a client centric approach to uncover customer spending patterns, segment them into identifiable groups and at the same time quantify effects of various marketing efforts, Promotions and operations to drive value and justify the dollars spent on the various launch vehicles.

Zen Info’s CMO’s Workbench helps retailers approach their marketing mix differently by uncovering customer spend patterns and segmenting customers to re-direct marketing effort and spend that can be quantified.

With unique analytical insight about your clients and prospects, the intelligence can be aligned around customers to build competitive advantage.

Zeo Info Soft Traceability

The solution empowers retailers to know how, what, where and why a purchase was made and the influencing reasons that alter the buying pattern of the customer.

Zeo Info’s Solutions are now calculated for the cloud as well. With the cloud based offerings we are not just making it more reasonable to our clients but also significantly reducing the time to implementation. Our cost effective cloud pricing models will help reduce total cost of ownership to our customers by converting part of CAPEX to an operational expenditure with adequate security to ensure data privacy.

Zeo Info Quality

Poor traceability of material and workflow causes poor communication and collaboration among suppliers, SMEs, partners, customers and several associated departments. This leads to high manufacturing cost, high customer service cost, poor customer satisfaction and shrinking profit margins.

Zeo Info Soft Productivity

In today’s current economic and competitive world, manufacturing industries have tremendous pressure to meet customer demands, increase profit margins by improving operations and ensuring timely launch of new products in order to gain the first mover advantage. Thus, manufacturing industries have to ensure that the productivity and utilization of the plant is optimized, to maintain all the operation KPIs and meet customer satisfaction in terms of lead time of delivery or shipment of products.

Zeo Info Soft’s Zeo Info SoftProductivity’ Solution helps manufacturers to monitor real-time performance of plant utilization allowing manufacturers to define the line layout, line capacity, products, production plan, and cycle time of the products etc.

Solutions Market place

The mobile revolution has seen the emergence and rise of the “app store” as a key element in the business-to-consumer value chain. Zeo Info Soft’s Solutions MarketPlace is a channel for Zeo Info Soft’s Solutions and Intellectual Property (IP), extended to a global audience beyond our direct clientele.

In keeping with the demand for agility in business and IT, these solutions span a broad spectrum from being application-centric, technology-centric or industry-centric. The marketplace offers the convenience of an app-store, but for enterprise-grade solutions – including, depending on the type of solution, a seamless and self-service consumption model.

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