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Why ZEO Infosoft

Several highlights to help you make your choice:

High corporate culture is upheld in all ZEO Soft IT Services offices and divisions. We encourage all staff members to recognize the importance of their contribution to the overall goal to develop the business through uncompromised commitment to quality and attention to Customers and their requirements. We provide an effective, friendly and pleasant working environment, where staff members are encouraged to show initiative and commitment to their colleagues.

These committed staff members help us to build and maintain the excellent reputation, which ZEO Soft now has.It is often said that an organization is only as good as the quality of its staff: We are proud of ours!

Ethical imperatives – first and foremost, honesty and fair play – are perceived by ZEO Soft as the core of all its business activities. Basic ethical principles underlie constructive relationships of the Company with staff members, partners, and customers.

We aim to harmonize interests of staff members with the Company’s goal. This principle is implemented in corporate culture through commitment to high quality standards, mutual respect and friendliness, honesty, aspiration for individual development, orientation on results and professional tutorship. Stability. ZEO Soft has steadily strengthened its positions on IT market and now is deservedly considered a leader in its segment.

Efficient employment policy is one of the key factors of the sustainable performance of the Company. Our staff members, guided by responsibility and personal integrity, are professionals who strive for success in the interests of ZEO Soft as a global Company. That is why we employ the most capable and promising professionals. The recruitment is carried out by means of the specially devised techniques, which are highly informative and reliable.

Steady Professional and Personal Development of each Staff Member. The Company continuously constantly pays close attention to start-up and advanced trainings, to personal and professional development of its staff. Every employee has an opportunity to contribute his or her knowledge and abilities to the prosperity of ZEO Soft. Intellectual potential and experience are the key factors in the profitable growth of the Company.

Attractive corporate culture. The major principle of the employment policy is to harmonize interests of employees with the Company’s goals. These principles are realized in corporate culture, which is characterized by the following main features: commitment to highest quality standards, mutual respect, friendliness, honesty, aspiration for individual development, result orientation and professional tutorship.

Life-work balance. We believe that the best employees are active, cheerful people able not only to work with enthusiasm but to rest well too. We practice non-profit funding of the staff members’ social and cultural activities, leisure and sports. Football, Bowling and Chess Clubs activities followed by annual championships, joint celebration of the Company’s Birthday, Engineering Day or New Year helps to strengthen the team spirit and enjoy communication with colleagues in a non-working atmosphere.

Compensations and benefits

Efficient Compensations and Benefits Policy helps us attract and retain the brightest talents and guarantees to every staff member a remuneration relevant to his/her skills and experience.

Salary: Each employee is entitled to receive the salary on time and in correspondence with the level of his/her professional qualification.

Performance Pay Models (Bonuses). In order to support the motivation of an individual and team performance, to recognize staff member’s commitment to ZEO Soft prosperity and to enable employees to participate in the sharing of business success, the Company applies different performance pay models including individual and team bonuses.

Benefits Package: Besides the compensation package, which includes a salary and various performance pay models, we increase social security of the employees by providing different benefits.

Medical Insurance. A comprehensive medical insurance plan covers out-patient and in-patient services, emergency hospitalizations and dental care, medications with a free delivery to home or office and use of swimming pools or gyms.

Medical Insurance for Family Members: Various programs for your family members are provided on a cost-sharing basis with a possibility to have a full coverage from the Company for essential packages. Additional Days of Paid Vacation. In some cases the Company offers extra days off in addition to a regular vacation. Flexible Working Hours. We understand that each employee has unique biological rhythms and in order to cover the most productive part of the day of the employees we offer flexible working hours based on project needs.

Qualification Review Process:For better understanding of the employees’ abilities, evaluation of their job progress, recognition of productive work, getting feedback on the expectations and defining areas for growth and development each employee is entitled to review of his/her qualification on a regular basis.

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